Why Evolt Insights?

Deep Dive Instantly into Member Activity

Track Member Progress with Meaningful Real Life Data

View live overviews of your total daily, monthly and total scans performed.

One Universal Health Rating for More Meaningful Outcomes

One Universal Health Rating for more meaningful outcomes

See an overall Bio-Wellness Index (BWI®) – updated every time you log on.

Generate Revenue & Reduce Attrition & Challenges

Generate revenue & reduce attrition

Easily create Challenges, generating ROI and creating engagement within a club and client base.

Powerful Fitness Conversations with Clients

Access the tools to get real results for your Members

Have powerful fitness conversations with clients, ensuring they reach their individual wellness goals

Powerful Data Analytics at the Click of a Button

Choose to Leader Board key metrics for a list of participants - Bio-Wellness Index, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat